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Day 52 - Love Lets the Other Win

Day 52 - Love Lets the Other Win

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  • My husband and I rarely have a disagreement.  When we do, it’s usually about something big and they’re few and far between.  In the past, I believe I have started most of the disagreements and they were things that really did not make a difference. 

    Although he doesn’t go to church, he’s adamant that our daughter go to church with me.  She usually argues and says that she wants to stay home with daddy, but he pushes her to go.  The church service went well.  Daughter was dancing throughout all of the worship set, and I couldn’t even look at her.  Everyone in the first few rows could see her and were smiling.  She really gets into her interpretive worship dancing. 

    We got home, I made lunch and talked to my husband about whether or not he wanted to do some shopping to get ready for the week.  By now, it was well after noon and he was not yet dressed.  I didn’t push it.  If he didn’t want to get dressed and do anything, it didn’t hurt me.  I decided just to go with it.  He wanted to nap in the afternoon, so I did some purging in our daughter’s room then mowed the lawn.  We finished the day with ice cream for dinner and watching food shows on TV. 

    Writing though this, I believe that I did in fact complete the dare.  Before, I always felt like I had to be doing something or going somewhere every day on the weekends.  I never got frustrated that he wasn’t going to get dressed.  I just let it be.  Thanks to just staying around the house, some things got done that I had put off, and my husband got to spend the day just the way he likes.  “Knock and the door will be opened to you.” 

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