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what can I give in on?

what can I give in on?

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  • ok, so I've done great up until now, but day 12 is hard.  Our issues all revolve around our daughter, and his lack of relationship with her meanign I pull away from him.  Do I stop asking him to spend time with us? stop asking for help of any kind around the house?  can I say stopping askin with ONE part of housework qualifies?  or bedtime for example?  I am so broken up about this all, today is another of the really bad days, when the only way seems to be divorce, but I know that isn't the plan God has for me.  one thing is for sure, if we make it through this it will be by God's grace and not my own work, I'm so insufficient to this challenge...And so selfish.  And I don't even know how to tell him everythign that is wrong in our marriage.  I can't bring myself to talk about it, I don't trust myself to have enough control over the conversation to even begin.  How do you tell someone that you love them deeply and truly and tell them that they're doing so much that hurts you all at once?  until I learn that I think my mouth better stay shut.  Wish I could think of something more to give in on...selfishly I know I've given in on a zillion things since we got married, I feel like if I give anymore I will disappear into the ether and come out as just a doormat.

  • Through this journey you are to realize that Christ is molding y. Humbling you. You are to complete your husband through. Your unconditional love. Take this journey With Christ, and leave your husband to Him.

    Read the appendix, especially the leading the heart section. And those feelings you have those concerns, leave those to Christ through prayer.

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