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Day 12: following feelings

Day 12: following feelings

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  • UGH!!!!! I had a pretty decent day and was trying to rack my brain about what I would give into and let him win.  I followed my stupid negative feelings and we got into it and started to argue and it just went downhill from there.   The only silver lining is he is expressing how he has felt all these years.  How the way I have treated him has made him like he's not a man or a even human.  WOW that hurts but I can see it.  I know that must change.  I must pray for the guidance and strength to love him like I want him to love me......treat him like how I want to be treated.  I have failed miserably that way.  I will try to incorporate this dare into tomorrows dare somehow.  I won't give up.  It's just such a struggle sometimes to fight off all the bad and negative stuff.  I have been giving them to GOD as they come up but I have to do it even more so when I become upset with him. 

    Hoping tomorrow will be better than this evening.



  • HK,

    Each dares success is its attempt, and if you are trusting Christ enough to do it without doing it your way.

    So here is the important thing. Christ is going to expose many things in this journey... Listen (even go to prayer) and find what He is showing you.

    It is not going to be fixed overnight. And Christ will not stop working until He has completed you....

    You are still dependent on your feelings. And you need to be more dependent on Christ. Lead your heart and your emotions will follow.

  • Thanks Sean.  I need to TRUST Christ more. I am getting in the way.  I am letting my feelings get in the way.  I am attempting but I think I can do a better job at trying and really relying on Christ to help me with each dare.    Lead my heart......reminding myself of that all throughout the day.  Do not follow my heart or feelings.  Lead my heart!

  • It is tough.... You lived your whole life believing following your heart was the right thing.

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