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Day 12

Day 12

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  • Began the day in prayer.  It's funny,  I wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, every night and pray for Melanie and/or her kids.  It's strangely comforting.  I read the dare, prayed, greeted her with a "good morning, have a great day" text as I have since Day 9, and took my morning prayer shower.  The morning greetings without response are really working in an area of my life that  needed work.  Before the separation, I would normally greet Melanie with a "good morning beautiful" and a kiss, and sometimes follow up with a text.  When I was in disapproval of something she did, I would purposely withhold that morning greeting.... yeah, THAT'LL teach her!! LOL.  Thank you God for revealing my manipulative ways and forgiving me for them.

    Since she is not talking to me right now, with the exception of Friday, there's not much I can do with this dare.  But for me, each dare is becoming more and more about pleasing God by being Christ-like, not about the actual action of the dare itself.   So my prayers are that first and foremost, God will provide ways to be pleasing unto Him.  I went to church this morning and was moved to stay and pray with one of the prayer partners at the altar afterwards.  I walked up front and ran into a woman that was the sister of a co-worker that passed away recently.  She doesn't live here, so I was surprised to see her.  The special thing about this woman (Kim) is that back during a particular troubling time of my life about 15-16 months ago, her sister put us together for a conversation.  I didn't want to listen to her then because she wasn't saying what I wanted to hear, but seeing her this morning I realized that she predicted the exact outcome that had happened.  Wow!  And I told her that she was right.  She then told me specifically that she and I made the same mistakes and then the same choices to submit to God and change our lives.  Her and her husband was separated and their problems were a carbon copy of the problems with my wife, yet he stood there with her a new man and as a Godly couple.  She said that would happen to me.  God gave me exactly what I needed it when I needed it the most.

    She stayed and prayed with my prayer partner as she prayed that first, I would be pleasing to God, second, that Melanie will know Christ as her Lord and Savior and know the love the Christ has for us and third, that our marriage would be restored for the purpose of glorifying God!

    What a morning!!!   Praise GOD!!!!

    I also meant to add that God laid something on my heart today.  After a discouraging Saturday in which I was tempted many times to give up, I remembered that Friday a week ago when my wife told me that any more contact not involving signed divorce papers would be considered harassing.  I was distraught because God gave be the dares as a way to be obedient to HIM and I prayed that she would just get out of the way so I could do it.  Well, guess what.  I've been doing the dares and she has not responded, except for Friday and that was with a little gratitude.  God gave me exactly what I asked for, exactly what I needed, and I was discouraged in part because I hadn't heard from her!  Unbelievable.

  • Went to the church that actually produced the Fireproof movie tonight.  My counselor has asked me to.  I enjoyed it.  The pastor spoke about transformation.  I realized that sometimes I still look at things through the eyes of the person I once was.  Well, the awesome news is that I have been transformed by the blood of Jesus Christ.  I'm not the same person I was 45 days ago, praise God!  I prayed at the alter when someone laid there hands on me.... it was powerful and moving.  I stood up filled with joy.  

    Thank you God for another amazing day!!

    As for the dare, I prayed and involved others in prayer for Melanie that she will know the love and joy that comes with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Melanie now has people that she doesn't even know that are in warfare for her... praying for her soul and her relationship with Christ.  Salvation is the ultimate WIN!

  • Dont be upset when you think through your old self. Let it be a reminder of what Christ took you away from.

    Trusting in Him completely will come. You do it more every single day. The excitement to share this love you have now will grow as well. That is where your true testimony will glow to others, and it will convict her when she sees it.

    This is Gods plan. Just continue to listen.

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