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Day 12 - stupid iPhone

Day 12 - stupid iPhone

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  • It didn't seem right to make a big deal out of this one.  My husband and I rarely fight or argue.  Usually we let the other person learn on their own.  Most of the time.  The biggest two disagreements I could come up with were 1) his iphone and 2) his online activities.
    While I was washing dishes at the sink after he got home  from work it just came over me to tell him that I will not bring up the iPhone in discussion again. 
    Now this is huge for me.  I cannot stand that phone.  I want to toss it in water and run over it.  This was a disagreement that almost stopped us from getting married.   We were struggling to pull the money together for our wedding and honeymoon.  Then one day he decides to go and get an iPhone.  What really burned me up about it was the money that he used was our grocery money.  Not only that, the bill for the first piece of our honeymoon was due in a couple of weeks and we were still short for it.  Yes it all worked out, yes we got the money together.  Yes we had food to eat.  It just burned me up that we discussed it, I suggested that he take some money out of his checks to save up for it, and I was not listened to.  He went his own way and did exactly what he wanted.  I still hate the iPhone.  It has brought nothing but pain into my life.  When he was viewing his "online material" it was on the iPhone and not his computer.  Once it was on his computer, but now its his phone.  I feel like I have to compete for his attention with his phone or his computer.  I can't stand it.  :(
    I have commited to not bringing it up again.  So far so good.  I had the opportunity to bring it up several times over the holiday weekend.  Apparently my feelings are still displayed on my face because he told me so, I will have to get better about that.  

    God I pray that you will help me to forgive my husband, and forgive myself of my stubborn habits.  Your ways are not our ways.  Please make me willing to let go of this, please guide me on the thoughts that I think and the actions that I take.  Please help me to be willing.  Please help me to be the best person I can be for YOU. 
  • Giving up our selfish nature is so hard to do. And I know, it is not all selfishness because of the "content" that it is being used for. But, bottom line it is selfishness that is causing your emotions.

    Leave it to Christ. Trust Christ to handle the situation and be comforted knowing that God will work in Him during your walk with Christ. That He will do things in HIS time, not YOURS!

    When you leave this to Christ, you know it will be dealt with and you can move on with Christ without selfish interruptions. You cannot force anything on your husband. You cannot continue to try to control. You have done it in the past and as you can see now it does not work. Leave it to Christ and let Him deal with it.....

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