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Day 12

Day 12

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  • Well today I am at work and have not spoken to my wife. I am at a loss but as for this dare I have been doing it without knowing. I learned a long time ago that many fights are pointless in the big picture. She says I'm just agreeable because we are not doing well but I know it is more then that. If we talk I will try to be sure and follow this dare.

  • Well my wife and I didn't talk today.   Ill continue this dare in the future when I get a chance.

  • To just give in to blow off an argument is not what this dare is saying. It is actually give in means that you accept that you will give in and support the issue.... Chances are that the argument is of selfish nature.

  • It isn't that I give in to blow off an argument, I give in to how I disagree because it is usually something small and doesn't matter. Such as paint color, it means more to her so I don't worry about it. The thing is she only fights with me about wanting to go our own ways or me moving 4 hours away. Both are things I dont want.

    Question, the other night when she was being argumentative she said she deserves to love someone and be attracted to them. She has said I'm being selfish to try and hold on to her. Is this true? Am I being selfish by loving her and trying to hold on?

  • Absolutely NOT!. Once you were married you BOTH made a covenant with God that you became one flesh.

    It is your duty under Christ to protect your marriage. Continue and follow your dares. thats it. Do not initiate other contact unless needed. This way you can commit the rest of your time to Christ in prayer and praise. Allow Him to work on her during this time, and do not interfere.

  • Sean is very right.  You are not being selfish by standing in the gap for your wife.  Ultimately, the easiest, most selfish thing would be to throw in the towel and move on.  But that is not the picture the Lord gives us in His word of a Godly Husband.  Check out Ephesians chapter 5 to see what I'm talking about.  



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