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Dare 12...

Dare 12...

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  • I feel as though I just did this dare today as well with dare 11... I wanted to move out and take our baby and remove my husband from our lives since finding out he was spending time with his ex... but he asked me not to and for once to do something for him by staying in our home and letting him continue to see the baby. I agreed and said I would for him since it was a big deal and something he really wanted. That is me letting him win this one is it not? Does this count as dare 12 even though it happened today? I cannot think of anything else and I think this is a pretty big win for him!

  • I guess you can say that. But then again, you took control and push Christ aside. what you were going to do was in no way the way of Christ. You were going to use your child to hurt your husband. That was not in the best interest in your child, just in yours.

    Trust in Christ no matter what happens. He will always get you through.

  • i agree with sean....i was like that too...let christ guide you and be cool... look at your husband as a friend and you did in the first place and dont let jealousy take over.  just be cool and be a wonderful cheerleader! winks...

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