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Day 12: Nice Day

Day 12: Nice Day

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  • Well, yesterday was very nice.  I had my doubts but I will get past them.  We had that 70th birthday party that I helped my wife prepare for the night before and it was a hit, especially all of her desserts and the photo montage poster she made.  Everyone kept coming up to me asking if we were the ones that did the desserts, but I gave my wife all the credit and I was so proud of her.  Well as the night went on, we were having a great time.  Close friends of ours kept coming up and asking how things are going and I would just say I'm taking it one day at a time and the last few days have been wonderful.  Well, later on that night when everyone was dancing, my wife had been dancing with some other friends and you know that darn devil popped up on my shoulder and I actually started thinking, "She hasn't danced with me like that in years" that ugly word "jealousy."  At that time I walked to the back of the boat, they rented a party boat, and I prayed for strength, guidance and thanked him for his unconditional love and began focusing on the "Appreciation Room".  I am so blessed, but like they say as soon as things look like they are going good you tend to want to stray away fro God and that's when Satan strikes.  I'm not going to let that happen.

    Anyway, from that time on I had a blast and just enjoyed my wife and we had a wonderful time.  In fact later that night they ended the night at this place down from the marina and while we where there one of the guests came over to where we were sitting and was telling me what a great job we did and I was in the process of telling him all the praise goes to my wife. She is the talented one I just handled the dishes when she interrupted and said " No, we did it together!"  That made me feel real good.  Later that night before we went to sleep she thanked me for all my help and said she couldn't have done it with my help.  I was taken back by it.  I thanked her and said I really enjoyed helping her and the time we spent together the past few nights.  I later thanked God for all he has done in just a few short weeks. He is truly remarkable.  If you would of told me I would have been doing all of this 3 weeks ago, Loving God, Cherishing my wife because I love her, etc. i would have scoffed at you.  As always, thank you for your continued support and prayers.  I am still a ways away from where I need to be but I believe I'm heading in the right direction. 

    As for the Dare:  The only thing I could think of was when we were talking about directions.  Normally, I would argue with her over the most minuscule thing but not today, not now I suggested one way to get to where we going and she this other way was faster so that is the direction I took and didn't even care if it was faster or not, it still got us to where we needed to be. Thanks Again.


  • Great when the Lord walks us through!

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