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Day 12 and what a job

Day 12 and what a job

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  • well day 12 was a pretty decent day we got along and there was not a hole lot of sarcasim, which is a nice change.  For the day 12 dare which may sound silly to some but its what she wants so......  Since we noved into the new house 1.5yr ago she has hated the fact that the washer and Dryer are in the basement, we live in a 2 story house so to get to the basement its 3 stories.  I had always been dead set against this and just thought it was silly but in doing this dare i decided this was something she had asked for many times and simple got dismissed and I told her it couldnt be done, which was not really true more like it would be a lot of work.  So I told her since she was the one that did the most of the laundry I would let her have this one.  so I have started the project of runnign a new 220 service from the panel in the garage through the attic into the regular bathroom closet upstairs as well as cutting into the new drywall and plumbing to get this done for her.  She was very happy that I agreed to this but tried to hide it and just had that "i told ya so" look but thats ok with me.  GOd has kept up his end so far and she is still here so I will continue on and cheris every glimpse of hope I get.

  • rb, things are looking great. But I have to point out, that it seems there is still a real selfish motive here with your last sentence. So, if things aren't what you want them to be your done with the Journey? Remember. You need to follow and serve God unconditionally. Not on your will but his.

  • Sean, there may be two ways to look at this: a glimmer of hope may be what rbmedic needs to keep going. For if we do not have hope, what do we have? You are also SO right: to follow and serve God unconditionally.



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  • I should have been more clear on my comment. Where it was stated that "God has kept his end so far"...  Just seemed to me that if he "was not keeping his end" then the situation would be different. Sometimes that scares me when people only believe that God is loving when he does their will.... I hope I took that completly wrong... But I wanted to make sure.

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