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Re: Not sure what to do

Not sure what to do

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  • This is my first post. I have read so many other post and found them helpful so I decided to start. I am on Day 12. My wife told me about a week and half ago that she is looking for her own place. She found one and is soon to move out with our 5 kids. We have been married 12 years. I have been praying and trusting God to please save my marriage. I started the Love Dare about 3 days before she told me because I felt God leading me to do it. I am so tired. I know I have to trust God. I have been working on just changing myself. I know I have been selfish. We hardly talk except in passing. Their hasn't been any diasgreements so I am trying hard to find a way to complete this dare. She is so cold to me. I have pushing on, but i am running out of steam.

  • Welcome.  More people will read what you post in the love dare section, under the community tab if you would like to post there.

    If you've read some posts you may have already heard this....

    This will be a journey, one between you and Christ, not you and your wife.  She will be used as a tool to mold you.  

    Things will get worse before better but it serves purpose.  Do not read ahead in the book except the appendix, especially about leading your heart.

    You will be humbled and that is good too.

    Have no expectations from her when doing the dares, in fact she may show negativity when you do dare.  It may get scary to do some dares.  but do them always as intended.  If it says to call or do in person, do not text.  do not manipulate the dares to make them easier.

    This in the beginning is so exhausting.  But as you do the dares, and you littleraly put Christ above your wife, and seek comfort from Him vs her, you will find rest in Christ.  It will be there for you.

  • I understand what you're going through brother I'm going through the same thing with my wife I've been with her 10 years and she's. The beginning of the year 2017 At first she said that we can work it out then things just got out of hand and said we couldn't she said it's best for me to leave so I started the load dare it's a little harder when you're not next to your spouse. But keep on pushing brother don't give up the Lord has something planned for you and your wife and it's going to be a lot more beautiful then what's going on there just keep on trusting in. I'm in day 12

  • Need help understanding this day 12 dare

  • Junior, try posting under the Love Dare Journal link, you will find it under the Community tab.  No one really comes to this part of the site.  YOu will get responses there.  But if you can't get to that part of the site, come back here.  


    Is there something you and your wife disagree on?  She wants this done with the house and you don't.  She wants to do this or that in the evening, and you don't like to do that kind of thing.

    Just think of an area that you both have different thoughts about, and let her know that you agree or will agree to her ideas or thoughts or desires.  Hope this helps.

  • Where can I find the marriage assessment?  The site doesn't allow me to sign in to access.

  • After signing in look for a blue link for the assessment.  

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