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Re: Dare 12, harder than I could have imagined.

Dare 12, harder than I could have imagined.

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  • Today was especially challenging. I was searching for something on which I could let her win, since I had given so much ground already. Then it hit me & my heart filled with dread. I have been sleeping on a matress in the living room which I put away each morning. She had, early on, wanted me to set up the spare bed in the old office with a dresser to be "my room". I have resisted this up until now because of the permanence of it & my pride saying "damnit, that 's MY bed, too". Today, I gave into her request & set up "my room" as my heart broke with every move. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where I have to trust God and His plan and His timing. I had to call both my sisters at different times during the day just to get it all off my chest & continue on at all. So very glad I have so many Simons willing to help me with my cross.

  • Since you have given so much ground already.... Hmm. That is a comment of selfishness. Not saying that this situation is a good one, but allow Christ to show you selfishness through any situation He can.

  • Thank you, Sean. One thing I am learning in this process is that when I am hurting like this, it usually means I have something to learn about myself. A humbling, if you will. Apparently, I need a lot of humbling...

  • We all do... And yes, when you have this hurting, there is something. Seek wisdom in prayer, because I sure you Christ will comfort us.

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