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Love Dare 12

Love Dare 12

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  • My husband was supposed to come. I called him and instead he wants to come pick us up to go to his parents house. I am believing in the best. He brought up not giving me money for the kids for the divorce he is getting next week. I told him i didnt want it but if he brought me the papers i would sign it. He said we needed this and that we were better as friends. It hurts........If he comes i will let him win this argument. He said if i refuse he would get a more expensive lawyer to push it through. We talked about God and how he wanted to help me. 

    After we talked he said he would be over in a couple of hrs. I dont know if he will. Keeping the faith. Praying & praying. God i want him to see the changes in me. I am being patient. It is difficult. 

    I am trusting in God. I feel so out of control but i know God is doing something. At least we are talking. I



  • Your husband sees the changes. In one of your earlier posts you even said yourself he through it was a trick. That is conviction working in him.

    Your testimony comes through in ways you never imagine. Just keep seeking in Christ. He will do the rest.

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