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Day 12 - Love let's the other win

Day 12 - Love let's the other win

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  • Let's see, where to start. She isn't home yet again today and said it'll be a couple more days until she returns. Even though it's tough, I trust that God will give me strength to get through the weekend being alone with 2 small children who miss their mommy. So in letting the other win, I have allowed God to win me over and to give him control of the situation relying that he will guide me according to his plan. I also trust that he will guide my wife in the right direction. We received a request from one of my wife's relatives to attend church tomorro with their family. They are close in age to us and they have a daughter close to my children's ages. I am going to take the kids and feel this will be positive for me personally. I trust that the Lord will continue to work on me in ways I've never felt before. I remain positive and faithful, yet miss my wife dearly.

  • As you go on this journey Christ will fill those voids if you seek Him out. Your wife is following her heart right now and being deceived by it. Read in the appendix about leading the heart. You will learn many things about you and your past and your wife's present.

    There is a reason Christ chose this journey for you. To be a testimony to your wife. He is preparing you for many things, so seek His will not your own.

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