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Day 12

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  • I began the day not knowing where this dare would take me.  A and I don’t disagree about much, and there are not ongoing disagreements.  I prayed on it and waited to see what the day would bring.

    It’s amazing how that door always seems to open when you least expect it.  During dinner last night, our 6 year old mentioned that one of the boys at daycare tried to kiss her.  I would normally blow this off as a 4 year old just being really friendly, but A got very upset by this.  I told them both that I would call this boy’s mother and talk to her about it.  I followed through with that after dinner, and they both seemed to appreciate it.  The boy’s mother was also very receptive to the concern.  My daughter told me later that evening that she realizes a 4 year old doesn’t always know what he’s doing, but she is not comfortable kissing or being kissed by anyone who isn’t in her family or isn’t the boy she’s going to marry.  Wow! – and to think I would have just blown off the comment.

    Praising God for the opportunity to give in on an ongoing issue that I hadn’t even realized was there. 

  • Seek and you shall find, knock and it will opened unto you!

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