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Re: Day 12...thinking ahead

Day 12...thinking ahead

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  • Is this a current argument oh one from the past???

  • Could be both. Actually should be both.

  • Ok so day did it go? I prayed most of the day for god to guide me in this area. And when I say most of the day I mean all day. Lol. So we went out with friends to see bill maher (tix bought months ago) he drank heavily which made me very uncomfortable. I felt as if he was drinking cause he had to hang out with me. Show was ok. Didn't know he was an atheist so I didn't laugh much. When we got home. I showed his mom the vodka he drank and they left (they watched the kiddies)

    He hung around for a little while then left. Up until then I had not completed the dare besides ignoring his ridiculous behavior.

    I txted him this I just wish that one day we can talk. Really talk. I have been learning so much about me and how I contributed to our relationship. I'm ashamed by my actions a...nd I want to share with you what I have learned.

    He responded that there is nothing to talk about. So I asked if I could call him. He said sure.

    I ended up telling him what I have learned so far in counseling and how I am sorry for for my behaviors and how I contributed. In a way I acknowledged that he is right. He feel asleep while talking to me so I hung up and said thanks for talking to me. Sleep well.

    He must have woke up 20 minutes later and he txted ... I dopnt know what u expect from me

    I responded this am that I don't expect anything

  • During this time in the journey. Focus on what your relationship is with Christ. Look for strength through Him.

    Love Christ first, and you will find how to love others better.

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