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Re: Day 12 - Love Lets the Other Win

Day 12 - Love Lets the Other Win

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    Day 12—Love Lets the Other Win

    “Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse. Tell them you are putting their preference first.”

    This is a chapter I could have used a long time ago because it “spoke” to me in every way possible due to my stubborn/controlling nature. One of the many areas I have seen myself change a lot in these last couple of months.

    I knew at some point I wouldn’t be able to do a dare due to the situation and today was one of those days. We do not see all that much of each other and when we do the conversations are minimal. I will certainly be keeping this dare in my back pocket to carry forward just as I try to continue the other past dares as often as I can.

    I was reminded again how precious and short life is. I went to bed with a heavy heart for the family of my friend who lost his life and woke up to the news of an officer being killed at a routine traffic stop while my husband was at work. He thankfully responded to my text as soon as I found out about the shooting asking if he was safe. He then made it home in time before I left for work, so we chatted a little bit about it. Before I left I asked for a hug and he accepted. I sure miss that.

    When I got home from work I started cooking dinner. He was sitting on the couch before getting ready for work, so I asked if he wanted some dinner. He said, “If you don’t mind.” My response, “Of course I don’t mind,” so we had dinner together. It is moments like these that I think just maybe he is changing his mind about the divorce. Then reality hits. He ends the dinner asking if I got a response from the realtor yet. Well, I guess there was a reason I sent that email yesterday. Thank you, God, for your instruction…daily.

  • Be careful about worrying about his intentions. Until he opens his eyes to what is really going on, Christ will convict him in many ways. The only way for him to get through that is justify in his own mind certain things and that is what happens, he re ensures his thoguhts by saying things like that.

    Just leave it with Christ.

  • Sean - that is one thing I am learning. As soon as my husband gets "uncomfortable" he turns to avoidance/path of least resistance, which is why I think he does exactly what you said - reassuring his thoughts by reverting back to the divorce process. I am doing better at leaving it with Christ though. I know I am not the only one facing struggles. My husband is too, which is a far bigger warfare than I am struggling with because of who I know I have with me. :)

  • Thats right. And your husbands convictions are more bothersome believe it or not. He will see you as a happy person in a time when he wants you to be miserable.

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