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  • My husband and I got along very well, and rarely had disagreements. He says this is because he just went with everything I wanted and didn't say otherwise because he didn't want to argue. Therefore it's hard for me to see an area where we would have disagreed. One area however was with pets. I am not a pet person and my husband is. He loves dogs and wanted to get one, and I always said no way. Since we have separated however I told him that I realized that was selfish of me to not let him get a dog just because I didn't want one, it was his life/home as well and it wasn't fair for me to make that decision and not hear him out. So that is an area that I let him win in, as I told him if things worked out that we could get a dog as long as we discussed some rules etc of getting one (like the dog is his responsibility etc).

  • great you recognize that.

    And it was also great how you explained it. God willing he does not see it as a manipulation by saying IF THINGS worked.

    Why dont you just get him one?

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