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Day 12

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  • Well for today dare i decided to give in toour argument on a water softner. my wife always wanted to get one and I would argue we could not afford it, and being my controlling self thats the way it would end up. So when I got home I was going to bring up that old confersation when she surprised me with a brand new camera and lens with it. In the past i would of started to ask how much, where did you get the money we could not afford it, which would end with a arguement. Today i stayed patient and calm asked how it works and so forth, no mention of money. I did ask one question about it and that was if I could use it to. I think i might of surprised her when i did not question her about it and I know I should not look for a reaction, she was very excited about her purchase.

    Today as I plan for day 13 dare, I feel very calm and at peace not sure what that is about, but I keep praying to God for calmness and wisdom and for him to help soften her heart as well. We have a dance competion this weekend for our girls and her mother is going to be there, i am praying for calmness and strength to stay strong, last time I saw her she drilled me about everything. Not fun.

  • Not to worry... If she drills you, be a testimony. Be proud knowing that you are new in Christ. Thats it. What you past is, your past.

    This is an opportunity for you...

  • I feel in a way that these dares are going back firing on me. She sees me as a abusive person and a book explains that someone who is abusive and feels threaten of losing you will start doing all kind of favors and things for you. I feel that is what she is getting from. So now I am really scared that she thinks what i am doing is because I am that type of person. Not he other way around, so do I explain and show the book to her?

  • Do not worry about books... I know that sounds kind of weird when you are doing the dares. But the Dare is inspired through Christ. It is a journey between you and Christ. And when you trust Him and allow Him to mold you through this journey it is a rebirth. One that your actions will prove His love in you.

    One of the biggest things in that journey is not trusting things of the flesh. Written by people with no influence of Christ.

    As for showing her the book. I would not. That is you controlling the situation and not trusting Christ.

  • ok Thanks

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