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  • Well, we have been talking a lot lately.  Mostly about how I made him feel; the way that he feels now about me.  Still no trust.  On a good note I've been picking up my bible more now then I ever have.  And he sees me reading the bible a lot now.  I feel like the bible it's enough to get me closer to God.  


    Now, about  today's dare.  I called him today and told him that I would like to talk to him about my landlord.  He said sounds good.  I said no not at all.  Then we hung up.  And he called me right back and told me to read my bible.  All I could say was "WOOOOOOW".  After, all the back and forth phone calls, I wanted to go to Atlantic City.  So, I called him and asked him what time did he have to be to work tomorrow.  Of course he didn't tell me, so I just said would you like to go to AC tonight.  He said you should have just said that 1st.  Anyway, he said if your going then go.  I said okay I'm going.  Then he said "WOOOOOOW".  I packed my overnight bag and my bible and got in the car.  Before, I could get around the block from my house I got pulled over by the police.  They let me go, and I came right back home and called him.  I said to him you win.  And now I'm home for the night.  This dare really hit home today.  Thank you Jesus!!!


  • The Bible is good way of getting closer to God, but you must include Prayer as well. And Church helps to have understanding about the word.

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