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Love Dare-Day 12 Feb 28

Love Dare-Day 12 Feb 28

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  • The day started off wonderful. We had a great experience at the church we visited. Had a good day walking at the mall. Today's dare was to let the other win in areas of contention and let them know you would go along with it even though you did not want to all because you loved them. There were many small instances throughout the day where I did this. The one major one was when we finally got home from such a long day and the sun had gone down she decided she wanted me to go get pizza. This wouldn't seem like anything major except for the fact that it seemed like it seemed more like she wanted me to get out of the house. She never wants pizza from this place. I took this opportunity to give in to her preference even though it felt like something was up. I got the pizza and made it home. She ate only two slices and was off to bed in no time.

    Later to find out that once I left she was talking to the coworker again but he did not with her. Not sure if that is good or bad. Sometimes I wish I did not have to pay the bills and see the call logs. I am giving it to God. If you read this, please continue to pray for me and my wife. Pray for my trust issues and pray that I have the strength to stay strong. Pray that God makes a change in me that has never happened before.

    I found it helpful to read that you choose to love someone despite their actions and your emotions. I am choosing to ignore my emotions and nagging insecurities and am doing my best to think only the best about my spouse and see only the good. With the help of God I am choosing to love her.

  • I often wonder how people survive marriage without the hand of God on their lives. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there and pushing forward with your dares.



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