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Day 11

Day 11

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  • Well last night she said " I just want this over with ". Wow! I cleaned out the she'd, straughtened up the back porch and today I cut down some limbs and hauled them to the street and made her some business cards for her cleaning service. I am trying to show her I love her without saying it but it sure is hard with no real thanks. Help me God!  

  • Remember, have no expectations in doing the dares.  Look at it this way.....Doing a dare and wanting a thank you for it can be considered selfish....I know, in the long run a thank you should come from acts of kindness, but for now, no expectations.  Remember, you are on a journey with Christ, not her.  You did that dare for Him.  

    Let those tough words to hear go.  Most of us have heard those same words and months or years later, a d hasn't happened.  She does have free will to do what she wants.  So, pray that God's will is done in her life.

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