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Day 11 - Love Cherishes

Day 11 - Love Cherishes

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  • I am not sure of her needs as she hasn't been here for a few days other than 2 hours yesterday to see our daughter off to her first camp. During that time I confessed to her my new found faith and the fact that I repented and accepted Christ into my life. As I confessed this, I told her the devil will not have a foothold in our home any more as he has. She didn't seem very receptive and did not accept the Love Dare book I gave her very well either. I learned something about him last night and when I shared it with her, she was furious and let him read the messages. He then started texting and calling me threatening to sue both me and my employer (company cell phone). I didn't respond to him or speak to him on the phone, and immediately reported everything to my supervisor. She obviously believes him, and stayed there last night. I am not sure of the kind of hold he has on her, but I feel like the devil is attacking our marriage more now than ever. I continue to love her w/o question and try to profess my love to her but it seems like everything is falling on deaf ears. I have been up almost all night upset, and have prayed for me, our children, my wife, and even him as we are told to pray for our foes. It seems like her heart is so closed off to me and even our children right now. I guess her needs are that I pray for her and pray that the Lord's will be done in all of our lives and for him to reveal his plan for me personally. I am struggling with a lot right now and I feel like I am being tested. By the grace of God I will remain strong and continue trying to save my marriage. I also started reading "The Resolution for Men" in addition to doing the Love Dare. Any words of wisdom or prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • First. We all start the dare to save ur marriage. But when you realize that you are not God, and there is nothing you can do to save it. In fact, you have done things your way all this time and look where it got you.

    The dare is a journey. One between you and Christ, not you and your wife. This will allow Christ to mold you more in His image each day. As you walk this journey Christ fills you with His love, and that is what she will see. She will not trust it at first. To her it is a con. But through Christ your testimony will continue. Tis is when she will realize the truth in your love.

    Giving her the dare is YOUR proof of still controlling things. Give up control to Christ, worry about your journey not hers. Christ will work on her so focus on yours. Plus you both doing the dares will only bring you expectations...

    Read in the appendix about leading the heart. Very important.

    Watch what happens when you trust Christ. Yes there will be hard moments. But that is the best way to open your eyes to what Christ is teaching you.

    And the success to the dares is trusting Christ to do them as intended without your manipulation, no matter what you think the response is.

  • Thank you. I have been realizing that more and more today as I reflect on things. I will remain strong and truck God to lead and mold me to do the right things. I will also open my mind and heart to walk closer to Him.

  • Build your relationship with Him daily through understand these dares...

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