Hi all, 

Me, Lauren and Craig have been best friends since our high school time. I really loved Craig and wished a lot to make him my life partner. But time kept something else for me.

I thought of telling him about what I really feel for him with all my mind. But I couldn't reveal my mind to him. I was a little afraid of the consequences if he didn't 't feel the same for me. It may even kill our friendship. I never wanted things to go that way.

And at this point of time, Lauren played her part and she proposed Craig. He accepted her proposal as well. I had never even a small hint about the stuff going on between the two. My passion for him was there deep inside my mind.

When I completed my education and got a job offer in a good company, I decided to propose Craig. I was very much shocked and upset to hear his response. He simply told me that he is in love with Lauren and its been almost 7 years. Even though an emotional volcanic explosion happened in my mind, somehow I managed to keep the smile on my face. 

I applied for a transfer and shifted my job location very soon. I stopped all my contacts with them. I disappeared from the cyberspace for several months. Didn't attended their phone calls nor read their messages. Though my feelings for him never wavered. 

Last day, my brother told that Lauren and Craig are gonna get married on this December. And they tried a lot to contact me for inviting me to the function. It was really painful to hear. But I'm happy for both of them. After all, they are my besties rt. So I should definitely be a part of the function. I may feel it really hard to witness that moment. 

Anyways, ......I don't know what to say. I just want a pretty gift for them. I already have a diamond ring with me which I kept for him; to put on his fingers if  he accepts my proposal.But fate didn't allow me to do so... 

Oh, I'm getting too much emotional....sorry. 

I can't gift a single ring. I wish to get a pair for it; meant for Lauren. My brother told that there is a good custom designed engagement rings provider in Vancouver. Do you know more about them? Can I order the ring from them? Are they selling quality stuff? Kindly let me know your opinions about them. 

Thanks in advance.