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  • Today I let DK have a day with the kids. We are adjusting okay to our separation. The kids are to an extent. Our 4 year old has come down with a nasty cold on the eve of a very busy week. I had a tough time thinking of what I could offer him. So I called him and offered him towel or anything else from the house. Since all he took were his clothes and his coffee pot. I don't drink coffee so I was actually pretty excited to have some counter space for other things. I know that is pretty selfish. He gave me some money so I could buy some groceries since little fingers adjusted the fridge temp and I ended up having to throw away pretty much everything in the fridge. I asked him if he could watch the kids for a bit tomorrow evening because I have scheduled an appointment to look at a house tomorrow by a private seller. The house I hope is in good shape. I would imagine it will need to be updated because the women that is selling it is in her 80s and lived at the home for 25 years. For some odd reason old people are not too into updating throughout the years glad my folks who are in there late 60s early 70s are not like that. It will make it much easier when they decide to sell. Outdated homes do not sell in our area.  After some conversation I told him I had some papers to help with his case he was working on. He sounded very grateful for the offer. I also told him I will help in anyways I can to help him clear his name and prove his supervisor is a lier. I have already created an open and shut case if he decides to go that route. He was let go from his job a month and a half ago. After his supervisor came under fire over it because it was retaliation because he blew the whistle on her. So I had some documentation involving the law that I knew he could use. I forgot to give it to him the second time I was at his apartment today. We are communicating better then we have communicated for a long time. I have a feeling he is starting to miss the family life but realize he is trying to find himself just like I am trying to find myself. I continue to pray for forgiveness in my selfish thoughts and actions. I pray for strength and guidance. Something strange has happened the last few days when I have prayed. I have a vision of my grandfather whom I lost 4 years ago every time I pray. Sitting next to Jesus smiling down on me. It gives me extreme comfort to know that my grandfather is walking with Jesus as I continue to grow my relationship with God.

  • How did I miss this? Since you are. On the journal I won't respond but I apologize for missing it

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