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Love dare 11

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  • So we dont live together so it was difficult. The need I met for my husband was to get him a car fan & visor cause his air conditioner doesnt work. He drives pretty far to work every day. He liked it. His car lighter didnt work, but seeing the fan he said he would check the fuse to get it work. We talked and spent 30 mins together. His dad just got out of surgery so we couldnt stay long. I asked how he was doing and if there was anything i could help with. I just listened. I did't say a word, i just asked and listened. Something that has always been hard to do. He asked me to say hi to his dad, at first I didnt want to, but i saw how much it meant so i did. His dad broke his arm. When he asked me to do certain things i did. When you love someone and they ask you to do things it really isnt that hard to do.I forgot about that. I used to fight against him about it.

    How God asks wives to respect their husbands. I wouldnt l do it. This has shown me the way I was toward God, I was towards my husband. And how I never fully trusted God in my marriage and situations, I never really trusted my husband. Even though i had reason to i kept throwing it in his face. 


  • I also took him some flowers.

  • We always find ways to justify our own selfishness. But when we put God first, we learn that part of that is following His commands in honoring and loving our spouses unconditionally.

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