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Re: Day 51 - Love Cherishes

Day 51 - Love Cherishes

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  • I did today’s dare and yesterday’s dare combined on this day.  Friday, I didn’t get an opportunity to complete the dare.  I needed to do something out of the ordinary to show my love for my husband, but nothing seemed to present itself.  The day went nicely.  I made dinner for the family, we watched some TV, and then he went to play video games while I gave our daughter a bath. 

    Saturday morning, I got up early while everyone else was still asleep, and went to get donuts and coffee for the family.  When I got home, everyone was really happy with the surprise, although my husband told me that I’m not that sneaky, and he knew where I was going.  Maybe it was less out of the ordinary than I realize. 

    My husband wanted to do one of the dance games on our Wii in the morning for some exercise.  Our daughter and I joined him for some of it.  We all had a good laugh and enjoyed the rest of the morning.  In the afternoon, we drove to the warehouse that had our media console we bought a couple of weeks ago. 

    This was the opportunity to complete my dare.  My husband needs to feel like he’s the man of the house.  He needs to be in charge and feel like he’s making decisions.  I started by asking my husband to drive the truck.  Since I usually drive it, I have often just defaulted to driving it when we’re all together.  He’s the man of the house – he should be the one driving.  I remained talkative and confrontational during the frustrating 2 hour drive south (the warehouse was only 30 miles away, but traffic was horrible!).  We got to the city where the warehouse is, and I remembered my husband’s friend has a restaurant down there.  I asked if we could eat there, and my husband was thrilled!  The food was wonderful, and his friend was there and gave us some freebies.  They spent some time catching up, and we all reminisced about being younger.  We went to the warehouse, and my husband handled everything inside while our daughter and I waited in the truck.  Getting ready to leave, I stepped away again and let my husband drive. 

    We got home and it was time to put the media console together.  The old me would get frustrated right away, and go upstairs to play with our daughter until the entire thing was done.  Not on this day.  I stayed out of the way and tried to anticipate what he would need.  I was ready with tape to tie up cords and a ready hand to pull cords through.  It went together well with excellent team work.

    Afterwards, my husband and I went to the store for snacks, while his dad watched our daughter.  After our daughter went to bed, we all watched a movie. 

    During the entire day, my husband stayed off his phone.  I spent time throughout the day in prayer and ended the day in praise.  I was given the opportunity to fulfill the dare and act on some of the changed I have made with myself.


  • When you seek Christ in guiding your thoughts you can always find the blessings through it. The negativity left quickly, and now you can compare the old you with the new... Now take a moment and see how selfish the past was for the little things. Praise God

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