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  • So my wife is not home, has been with "him" for several days and hasn't been very responsive to communication. She says she loves and misses our kids, but won't come home. I've been getting weekly counseling as well as having many people praying for us. I recently asked God to forgive me for my sins and asked Him to enter my heart and guide my life according to his will. As I start this journey, I can't help but feel that his plan is for my family to remain together and someday be a witness to other couples who are going through hard times. My father-in-law has been a huge help with giving me scriptures to read to settle me down and advice as to how to deal with my wife. My faith has been tested and I am trying to remain strong for my family and for myself. I believe satan is attacking our family through this guys and his niceness. It's like something has a hold on her preventing her from returning home. She know I'm doing the Love Dare, and told me the other day the reason that she isn't falling over me is because there hasn't been a transformation. I can tell you that God spoke to me through these words and I hit the floor praying in tears in humble repentence. It felt like a weight was lifted from me and I have been stronger since, with a few weak moments missing her. I am doing my best and trying to remain resiliant in my faith and our family.

  • It is critical that you focus on your journey... Allow Christ to mold you more in His image each day through the dares... Do not remind her anymore you are doing the dares. Just go about your way with Christ. In her mind it is all a con, and even if you have change it will only be until she comes back. This is why it is so important to focus on this journey with Christ, trust Him in doing the dares as they are intended. His way, not manipulated by you. She sees things but will never admit to it. But you must be a testimony before she can believe any of it.

    Come back daily and discuss you dares each day, it is a big help... Also in the journal section, there are more comments daily.

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