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Re: Day 11 Not sure how to do

Day 11 Not sure how to do

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  • I'm not quite sure how I can do this dare, My wife recently left for 3 months on very bad terms and on military orders about 500 miles away and she is not communicating with me right now either. I have been praying all day and cannot think of how I can meet a need of hers while she is away. should I continue to do these dares as if she is here, I have left text messages where kind words were applicable and also left questions for other dares and have had no response yet. This is very difficult but i'm in it till the very last day and so on. These few dares have already made a huge impact on my own attitude and God has recently given me peace beyond understanding about our marriage problems. I have been in constant prayer that God will permanantly change my heart towards him so I can learn how to be the best husband I can for my wife when God finally speaks to her heart. She called me a week ago and told me that after the end of the 90 days that she is not coming home, and that she will be making arrangment for divorce so she can stay up there. This was extremely discouraging but i'm not giving up hope or on our marriage. I will continue to perservere through these trials because I have learned that love is patient and Love is kind, Love hopes all things.

  • You depend pon Christ to complete the dares as if she was still there. Trusting Him. There will be dares that cannot be done, but remember the success of the dares are not her reaction, but your trust in Him doing them as intended without any manipulation from you doing it your way

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