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Addicted to alcohol after the death of bf

Addicted to alcohol after the death of bf

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  • Hi, my boyfriend passed away last year. We were in a seven-year-old relationship. I am still not able to come out of the depression. He was my everything and we both loved each other very much.


    His death was a sudden shock to me. I tried to end my life. When I thought about my parents, I didn't feel to do so. I didn't eat for weeks and found comfort in drinking alcohol. I felt that he was beside me when I was drunk. I could speak to him and he will comfort me. Even though it was an illusion, it gave me so much relief. So, I never felt to quit drinking. Slowly, I became addicted to alcohol.


    I have reached a stage where I cannot do without alcohol. My parents are planning to take me to an alcohol treatment in Toronto. But, I feel so sad when I think about missing him. I can no longer meet him if I went sober.


    How can I deal with this situation? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions.       

  • I have struggled with addiction to alcohol for years.  I had a recent stint of 6 years of sobriety, until I went back to the bottle to deal with my separation and the quilt of being a poor husband.  Unfortunately I can't tell you more than just trust in the lord to take you through the pain of your loss.  When it comes to getting sober, the treatment program will be great for learning about it, but it is the rooms of AA that will teach you how to live and love life again.  Hang in there there is a new life waiting for you.

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