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Love Dare Day 10- Love is Unconditional

Love Dare Day 10- Love is Unconditional

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  • God is truly awesome.

    I am a truck driver who stays at a hotel 2 nights a week. Day 10(yesterday) fell on a day where I was staying at the hotel. After reading the dare I was contemplating on what I could do that would be out of the ordinary to proves me love for my wife. I came up with either raking the leaves at the house since I know last time I visited there were a lot of leaves in the yard/driveway or bringing my wife breakfast since I know she is usually running out the door headed to work at the last minute. I decided to pray and leave it up to God.

    So that night as I left the hotel to go do my deliveries I noticed it had just rained out during the day and thought to myself it would surely stink to rake wet leaves but I would do it if need be. Then while I was doing a delivery my wife called. She wanted for me to call her back rather then sending a text. Turns out that she took our daughter for blood work prior to her going to surgery next week. During the conversation she mentioned how she wasn't feeling well and the fact that she has to work the next 6 days and especially a 12 hour shift the next day wasn't helping.

    That is when I knew that God answered my prayer on what I should do for my day 10 dare. I decided I would stop by my wife job and bring her something to eat. When we were dating and she didn't feel well there was this local place that she would love to get a ham and cheese sandwich and chicken noodle soup from so I stopped and grabbed her some food. Prior to me leaving though I received a text stating that the doctors requested the wrong blood work and if I could take to get it done again. I agreed to take her as part of my Day 11 dare since I know my wife normally does all the doctors errands but would be unable to today.

    Now for day 9 i didn't really get a chance to see my wife for the different greeting but I did answer the phone in an upbeat tone like I was excited/glad to hear from her. On my way to her job I kept telling myself that there is no expectations other than just completing the dare and going home. So when I took her food I made it a point to make sure I greeted her excitedly. And when she saw the bag in my hand she was happy, grateful and thankful even so much so that she gave me a hug which was unexpected. She also mentioned that she only brought some cereal with her to work for her 12 hour shift so the food was most appreciated. And she also thanked me for agreeing to take our daughter to get the blood work done today as well.

    As I left her job I looked up in the sky just soaked in the sun, smiled and thanked God.

  • Praise God... Always... Even if the dares do not come with a great response. Because I assure you there is a blessing in it all.

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