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Love Dare 10!!!

Love Dare 10!!!

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  • I have to admit that i am excited about this dare. To show unconditional love to him is what i had stopped doing. Love is meant to be free. I stopped doing that for a long time because i was so focused on his drug addiction at the time. 

    Reading on how God loves us is a perfect example of unconditional love. He doesn't ask us to change what we do or how we do it. He loves us so much that when we fall in love with him and see that, we choose to change because of His love for us. 

    I never understood that. I was brought up with conditional love. That if i did right i would be loved and treated good. That is the exact thing i did to my husband. I reflect on my vows i made before God and him. I realized i didnt love him for better for worse. i treated good during the better and disrespected at the worst. I have seen how awful the truth is about how i was. I was selfish. I wanted him to do what i wanted and to do it right than and there. 

    I didnt even think about or care what he was going through. God showing me that i felt horrible and humbled myself. Even though we went through that there was never a day he didnt go to work. 

     I thank God I am able to do these and how He has shown me what i needed to see. What an awesome God we serve who can do great things through us. I feel so at peace and full of joy right now. i cant explain it!

    I feel Gods love for me. I want to share it. 


  • I wasnt able to do this dare today. On my way to my husbands parents house I saw him going the opposite direction and go to a hotel. It hurt i dont know why he was there. i dont even want to think why. It could be for 2 reasons. So i came home and i will try tomorrow. Regardless of what he did i am at peace.

  • I did Love dare 10 today. It went good. I prayed on my way to his parents house. We sat and talked and he we watched a small bit of movie. He said he would come by tomorrow and hang out. All the Glory to God!! Last time we talked was on tues. Love dare 6 and we fought.

  • Be excited about all dares. If you seek Christ in them and do them as He intended you will always find a blessing. Even if it does not go as we hope Christ will always ensure His blessing.

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