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Missed it....

Missed it....

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  • I dont really think I did this dare right.
    I could have folded his clothes to show that I dont mind picking up after him, but I really didnt want to do that at all.
    I instead did what I thought would be fun, going out to dinner and then taking him for a drink.
    Since I sing in the choir, I thouhght we could go to a music bar where drink isnt the only thing that makes people stay there.
    so off we went.
    I decided to dedicate the night out to celebrate his recent promotion and raise.
    It made sense to me and he really liked the live jazz music.
    My love has been based on his behaviour. Its hard to pour your self out for some one who is just taking and taking and not replenishing you with his love.
    I really do not know how I can return show love with out any return, to be honest this love dare book has been the only guidance that I have to keep me going.
    I thought the night went well, but I felt in my heart he was just sitting back enjoyinh how I am spending all this money on him.
    that's why I say, I dont think I did this dare right.
  • It seems you would rather do something to give yourself a back up... But to be honest what this dare is trying to show you is even the things you do not want to do can be done with joy and love if you are leading you heart.

    And the comment how much YOU are spending on him... This goes to show that you do not have true oneness on your mind, because oneness there is no separation of things even finances.

    The good thing about this dare is that a blessing has come out of it. Even thigh you are not sure Christ has showed you something. Pray for that wisdom to understand...

  • Sean you are right, I do not have oness in my mind because in reality, I do not feel one with him.

    All I have seen is that I am still in self preservation mode.... also selfish.

  • That will change. You continue, just be open to what Chirsts lays on your heart.

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