Hey guys, I would like to get your advice. I married a girl who was in the US. She came to Canada where I'm living right now. But, after two years of our marriage, few problems occurred and we had to stay separated. To be very frank, I can't live like this anymore either my girl. Beyond all the problems, we love to meet again and we are planning to live together again. Actually, it thrills and I'm waiting for that day to meet my girl.

But, I want to give her some surprises. I'm thinking of few things which will make that day a special one. I would like to know your suggestions on this. I just feel to pour our my unconditional love towards her. I have already planned to buy a ring and a pair of dress. Other than that, what else I can buy for her? I searched for it. And found the engraving in Toronto in which logos could be included. How about that? I was wondering whether I will be able to place our pics in that. I would like to know your suggestions.

Waiting for your reply. Waiting for that!

Thanks in advance