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Re: Day 10 Suggestions

Day 10 Suggestions

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  • I need some suggestions and help on this dare. My wife lives in Belgium and I am in the United States. I have no clue what I can do out of the ordinary since I am not in the same country. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  • Welcome.  I would suggest posting under the community tab.  And under that tab is the love dare journal tab.  That area is read much more than this section.  Is there something she would like having done in the states that she can't do right now?  Help out her mom or dad, take care of any paperwork, insurance, bills etc she cant do overseas.

    Maybe something like clean out a closet or keep the toilet seat down even though it won't affect her right now.  This will help you keep your focus on her needs.

    If you aren't, read the dare in the morning, then pray on a door to be opened to do the dare.  

    Sometimes you will have to be creative on how to do the dares.  But it can be done even separated like you are.

    Post often in the jouirnal section.  If you have trouble finding that section, let me know.

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