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day 10

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  • So yesterday was my day 10 but wasnt able to do it because he was given a job at another location.  i didnt know what to do until today i was driving over to visit my grandparents and so a sign for a ranch for sale,rent or just to hunt.   I know my husband has been wanting to hunt for the longest time and has yet to go i thought i'd inquire and maybe surprise him with a hunting trip.  well i ended up teling him about because  there were certain things only he could choose from since hes the one going hunting.  I end up callng the owner again with other questions and he askd if we were interested to buy at a good  price.  Well i thought it was a good deal called my husbamd and he said WE could meet with him in a couple weeks if possible.  My point is he said WE and well he jas been talking about getting his own apt after our lease is up.  Is this a sign that God is working on him too? Either way i will continue with prayer and let God handle this.  Thank You God! 

  • Well i spoke to him awhile ago and my stomache was turning and i felt horrible.  He started telling me that he was thinking of taking some cruise with his daughter and a few other vacations throughout the next year. I just listened and said that sounded nice.  We had planned to goto disney again next year but after this separation i wont be able to afford it.  He just sounded disappointed but i cant tell my son im taking him and disappoint him when he sees everyone leaving but him. Anyways, he started talking about our future living arrangements and well i came down from the clouds and landed hard.  Oh my beautiful God where are you, i need strength! Did you forget about me?

  • He never forgets about you. Seek His wisdom in each of these moments and dares. Take a few minutes and read the appendix especially the section on leading the heart. This dare is a journey one between you and Christ, not yu and your husband. He is just a tool that is used.

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