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Im back on the site after taking a break

Im back on the site after taking a break

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  • I was on round 5 of the dares and decided about halfway thru that I wanted to take a break. I had to change my profile I was formerly Michelled, now I am Michelle323.  Things have been crazy up and down up and down. My husband is still at home for the time being. We have been having more good days than bad up until this week.  He was spending a lot more time doing family things like going to the park and playing outside with me and my daughter but then this past saturday it took a turn left when he went to the beach fir the whole day with his bike club.  He came back with a real funky attitude and then this week told me that he will be going to bike week for an entire week this time which will be monday to monday and this falls at a bad time because it is rite after my mother has her surgery for possible cervical cancer and she may have to have a hysterectomy which is going to change the amount of time she can watch our daughter and I told him this and he got upset with me and said well I guess I will just have to change my plans then wont I so you wont complain that I am not here to take care of Aleea. His sister has been contacting me and is saying things like you dont support my brother in his bike club and there are women trying to have sex with him and they all know he doesnt want to be married its obviouse because you are never around and who knows what he is telling them blah blah. Well I told him what she was saying and he got mad and he called her and then she texted me saying that she is not going to talk to me anymore because I run and tell him everything blah blah.  I asked him last nite if we could spend twenty minutes everyday just having positive conversation and communication and he said no and walked into the bedroom and shut the door; We still sleep in seperate rooms and he doesnt speak much.  In the past year things have not really changed at all....

  • Michelle, you don't see changes, but that surely does not mean changes aren't happening.  I believe there have been big changes since you started journaling.  in him as well as in you.  what gets us thinking that way is our impatience with God's timing.  I know Be still..... can feel like that is your lifestyle, but that is when things happen, because we aren't trying to fix things and it gives Him more time to do so with the door more fully open because we aren't blocking the doorway.

    It probably is best that the sister in law doesn't contact you about your husband.

    When things feel difficult, remember the moments he played with the family, then thank God those moments happened.  Those moments may be indicators God is working in Him.

    If you were in round one or two of the dares I would have said no breaks, keep doing the dares.  But in round 5, that is ok.

    In a few days you may be able to post again under your journal.  I have sent messages to the administer of the stie but never got a response.  You could try sending him or her a message about the problem, but I dont think you will get a response.  Other people have said they got no response too.

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