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  • I forgot to put one more verse on there that I absolutely love. It gives a clear picture of what God's truths should sound like so that you can filter out the advice that people give you that isn't of His truth, because that can be very dangerous.

    "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peace makers who sow in peace make a harvest of righteousness." James 3:17-18

    Isn't that beautiful? That is the way life was meant to be. Peaceful. :) God Bless you in your journey.

  • arl hit the nail on the head...

    But you really do need fellowship... Find a Church... Fighting the flesh and the world is not easy...

  • Arl thank you. I often sit and reread your post. I am fighting a hard fight. I do attend a church but I don't know if it is where I need to be. I go the message is good but I don't know. I have a lot on my shoulders and on my heart. I have been praying but I don't see any change.  Part of the issue is I have been to a few churches and have gotten some bad doctrine and it is hard to erase it out of my mind. So, I am always second guessing things.

  • This is where your prayers are so important.

    Pray a thousand times a day if you have to. Seek the wisdom from Christ. ask Him. Pray for His will in your life.

    He will give it to you. And as for Change, do not look outside of you for change... Look within. That is the first place Christ will come, into your heart.... If you are not seeing it there, then something is wrong. PRayer is where to start seeking.

  • This is where your prayers are so important.

    Pray a thousand times a day if you have to. Seek the wisdom from Christ. ask Him. Pray for His will in your life.

    He will give it to you. And as for Change, do not look outside of you for change... Look within. That is the first place Christ will come, into your heart.... If you are not seeing it there, then something is wrong. Prayer is where to start seeking.

    In fact... Now that I think about it. Maybe there is conviction in your heart. And in your mind. Ask for that answer and deal with it.

  • Sean's right, prayer is huge. I used to get so frustrated because I knew I wasn't praying enough, or for the right things, and I felt so guilty when I realized I had let hours pass by without really praying. I would spend all day in my head, but never reached out to let God in on my thoughts.

    One day I came to the realization that it's ok to think about things, but now instead of stewing over them alone, I talk to God about them. He never gets tired of listening and it's ok to pray about the same thing. He's so patient, and He understands in a way we couldn't even know. I can cry and vent to Him all that I want and when I am through and really ready to listen, it is then that He begins to gently steer my heart in the right direction and speak His beautiful wisdoms into me. But sometimes you have to deal with the pain to learn how to let Him heal you. Emotionally, things might stay hard, but if you decide to make the right choices and then allow God to dictate those choices, you can rest easy knowing that whatever needs to be changed in your heart, He will do it.

    Lean on Him, and ask for the right direction in your life. When you learn to truly let go and let Him lead the way, He will, but then be prepared to wait. Because it is while you are waiting that the real changes will begin to take place. When you give Him your complete trust, you will begin to feel the difference...mentally and physically. There will be no second guessing when the Lord's will is first in your life, because He will make sure that you know what He is telling you.

    Just do some searching for a good church, it takes a little time, but God will plant your heart in the right place, don't you worry. :) Stay strong and stand on what you know is true, don't allow your emotions to  control you, because Satan will use them to His advantage. Try to seperate your head from your emotions for a little while, pray about it. You will see what I mean. It makes a huge difference. It is difficult but not impossible as long as God's the one doing it. He will give you the strength. God Bless.

  • How do you trust? Trusting is hard for me. Especially when  I am so angry about some things that have been allowed to happen to me? How do you trust?

  • It sounds like you have some forgiveness issues. You need to make that right first.

    I could be wrong. But when you are not able to forgive, you are not able to trust.

    When you are in a journey/walk with Christ, then that is your dependence. Not others. Your trust is in Him.

  • It took me a while to realize what trusting God means. You have to learn to give it to God. It is so difficult to give up that control over our own lives, but when you do, you will feel a peace you have never known.

    You so, our human nature is to hold on to the things that hurt us the most and hold it against others, but God's nature is not that at all. That's why the world is in the state that its in. We were born with a sinful nature and when we CHOOSE to obey what we know is the right thing, it goes against our nature. That's why it's so hard to trust God and forgive the things that have happened to you. Obedience goes against what we feel. If you choose to obey the Lord and walk in His will, the trust will follow. But you have to allow it in. Ask God to show you how to trust Him fully.  

    You have to realize that the choices you've made before you allowed God in are choices that weren't necessarily God inspired. They led you to this point, yes, but they didn't happen because you were living in His will. They happened because you thought they were the best choices for your own life. SO sometimes the things that happen to us and the pain we have to endure as a result of those choices are simply the consequences of our own sin.

    But the beautiful thing about Jesus is that even though it is usually a bed of our own making, He completely understands our hurt. And He wants to carry it for you.  He wants to take the person you have been and the result of your choices and carry it all away so that you don't have to be weighed down anymore. You don't have to harbor that unforgiveness and those wounds anymore. When you let them go to God, He will heal them. But you have to make that first choice.

    The longer you hold them and don't release them to God, the deeper the wounds will run and the harder it will be to recieve healing from Him. Forgiveness goes way further than just forgiving others and the wrong that has been done to you, you also have to learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.

    You make that choice to forgive, and give it to God. Let Him be the judge of right and wrong, because ultimately that isn't our place. And when we take that place in the judgement seat, the only ones who end up hurting over it is ourselves. God will deal with what He sees fit, and rest assured God will always justify His children. He will protect you. Don't be afraid. Satan will use all of those hurts and turn them into bitterness because He wants you to hurt. Don't allow the enemy to have that hold over you. Choose to forgive, let it go, and trust that the Lord will use it and He has a plan.

  • One more thing. It's ok to feel emotions, because unfortunately most of the time you can't do anything about them. So when you're angry, know that its ok, but instead of letting it get to you, talk through it with God. Explain to Him your feelings, and ask Him to just change them. It all goes back to prayer. The Bible says, ask and you shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you.....Sometimes we don't recieve because we don't ask. There isn't anything that He can't overcome in you. Don't let you emotions hinder your walk with Christ, instead let Him share the burden, because it is His pleasure to do so.

  • Trust in Christ period!

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