Hi there

I am getting married in the next month after a long waiting. We are on the verge of the home renovation. Everything is ready except the bathroom. I wish to get a spa-like look to our bathroom. It is a week, I am on the website searching for the trendy bath and shower accessories, white bathtub (I like a white bathtub), mirrors. Also, I am looking for the trendy bathroom decor ideas. 

I have seen many people growing plants in their bathroom. I think it has become a trend now. Even I have plans to place bamboo in our bathroom. What are the things that we need to consider while growing a bamboo? We are getting a limited sunlight in the bathroom what changes should we bring to grow the plant? Also, I have no clue where to place the plants in the bathroom. Can anyone share some creative ideas for placing the plants in the bathroom? I read that the plants can be hung in the baskets, placed in the pots next to the tub, place them on the windowsill or you can plant them in a shower caddy. But I would like to get your suggestions on this.

Also, I am confused about choosing vanity for our bathroom. Should we choose double or single vanity? I would like to go with the trend.