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Re: All we do is fight.

All we do is fight.

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  • I am going to do the Love Dare. I got the box a few months ago, started to read it then put it down. Things seem to getting better. we were talking and getting along. Fast forward to now, all we do it fight. I hate the fact that he drinks. I hate that I feel like he ignores me. I hate that I get no help around the house from him. Why should I do it all. Yes I have resentment from him. He tells me that he doesn't love himself so how can he love me. We start fighting more. We are not imtemint with each other and have not been in a long time. He said he is does not want that. Once again he tells me it is because he doesn't love himself so why should he. Could the Love Dare Help? If I show him how much I love him unconditionally could it help him learn to love himself again?

  • Don't read ahead.  Other than the appendix especially about leading the heart.  Do a dare a day. No more no less.  Have no expectations of him when doing the dares.  This will be a journey between you and Christ.  Not you and him.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  You will not be disappointed in doing the dares If you do them as they are intended to be done.  Right now don't worry about him changing.  Try journaling in the love dare section under the community tab.  More people will respond to you there.  If it doesn't work for you come back to this section.  Welcome.

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