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Re: failed day one?

failed day one?

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  • I tried hard not to say anything negative. I felt hurt when he didnt wait for me at a public event, and i didnt feel like a priority. When he asked why i was being quiet i was honest with him that i was feeling a bit sad, but that was negative. He asked why and i told him because you didnt wait up for me and i feel lonely. That upset him.  Do i redo day one, or continue with day two tomorrow? I feel like a failure already.

  • Learn from the dare one, and proceed to day two.  Learn from what happens in each dare.  Do you have the book?

    Welcome to the community.  Try reposting in the journal section that is under the community tab.  I think if you click your name in the upper right side of the page, then look part way down on the right side and it should be a tab in red, new entry or something like that.  you will get more people seeing your posts and some very good advice. This part of the site doesn't often get seen.

  • Make sure you read the appendix about leading the heart. And don't feel like a failure commit it to prayer and see what Christ is exposing to you so that you can see your own selfishness in this moment.

  • I spent nearly a week on day #1....I'm at Day #61 and have just finished Dare #3

    I believe I read that if you feel you haven't completed it, to redo it. I found changing my language took longer that I thought...and then I found out he'd been sexting, and quite probably cheating, again---3rd time I've caught him in 12 years of marriage. I'm trying to make habits of these behaviors, so I'll stick with a dare until I feel the change in me.

  • I would recommend doing a dare a day, no more, no less.  Try to do 40 dares in 40 days.  I do applaud you trying to perfect the dares, but most everyone here does a dare a day.

    Try posting in the love dare journal section under the community tab, it is easier for people to respond there.

    Many people have been in your same situation.  


    Keep in mind , this will be a journey between you adn Christ, not you and him.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.

    Read the appendix, especially on leading the heart.  Other than that, do not read  ahead in the dare section.

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