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Day 1

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  • Yesterday, I rewatched the movie "Fireproof." I have been struggling with finding a way to change the heart of the man that I love, and I have realized that I'm not the one who can change it. Only God can do that. I bought the book last night, and have read the introduction, day 1 and the first appendix on leading your heart. I am ready to embark on the day 1 dare.

    This dare should be fairly easy, as Jeff and I do not live together. While in the past, my patience level has not been the greatest, I have realized that is usually when I'm not walking with the Lord. I am at my most patient when I'm resting in his word. I love Jeff with all my heart, and know that despite everything we have been through the past 17 years, we were always meant to be together. I have nothing left to lose - either Jeff's heart will change, or mine will. Either way, I want to learn to love as the Lord loves me, and that's what this journey is really about.

    Today was day 1 for me - everything went well so far. Of course, when you're not living with someone, it's a lot easier to be patient with someone when you're not occupying space together 24/7. Last  night before I went to bed, I sent him a text message saying good night and wishing him a good day the next day. This afternoon, we spoke regarding our son, and chatted for a while about a lot of silly stuff. He is going out of town for a training next week, so I asked him if there was anything that our son and I could take care of while he's out of town. We are taking care of his dog while he's gone, so that's something.

    I'm going to read and pray about day 2 tonight. Not sure what this will look like yet, but I am leaving it into the hands of the Lord.


  • Take the time to understand that this journey is between you and God, and your spouse is the tool that Christ will use to humble you into blessing

  • You said you love your husband with all your heart- what does that mean? You have intense emotion for him? if he has all of your heart what is left for God? or even for you? Or was this just a figure of speech? I'm still trying to figure out what the word "love" really means. The best definition I can come up with is actually "scarfice". So do you scarfice your whole heart? I'm not saying my definition is correct, I just enjoyed your post and that is what came to mind when I read it.


  • Sid, I think the best way to define love, when we don't have Christ is infatuation. Because without Christ we do not know love because love was created by God.

    We only know the worlds thought of love which deceives us when we are without Christ.

  • It sounds like there are still open lines of communication there which is great for you. Keep in prayer on your journey, and God will walk with you through every bit of it.

  • Pups. Do you come into the journal section at all?

  • Hi Kim,  I'm on day one as well.  My wife and I are in the same house but so far so good today.  I also rewatched Fireproof last night and I'm praying for a miracle to heal our marriage and help me change...  Good Luck Tomorrow!  -Rich

  • welcome rich.  This part of the site isn't used as much.  you are responding to a 2013 entry.  Try posting in the love dare journal section, it's under the community tab.  That section is much more active.  

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