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Re: Will this work if my husband moved out and wants a divorce?

Will this work if my husband moved out and wants a divorce?

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  • I am currently on Day 7 of the Love Dare.

    My husband is 25 with no children, and I am 29 with 3 small children.  We got married on March 18, 2009 and started having problems 2 weeks after we got married.  We argued a lot mostly ending in him saying, "You are not my mother". 

    My husband and I have separated 2 times in the last month now.  The first time I asked him to leave, but the very next day I asked him to come home.  He ended up staying away for a week and during that week he cheated on me.  When he came home things were so different and empty between us.  He stayed for almost two weeks then left on his own because he said he was starting to feel like he did before he left the first time.

    He is now living with a friend of his family, and even though I see him almost every day because we have to share our vehicle until he buys his in late September, he wants a divorce.  He has been helping my financially so I can move into a new place, and he even started back calling me babe on Day 4 when I made a keep-sake memory package for him as the task. 

    I have begged him, cried and pleaded and he has told me over and over again that he loves me, but he does not want to be married anymore.  That he wants PEACE.  That he just want to go separate ways and divorce.  He says he will always help me if I need his help, but he wants the divorce.  He says he is tired of going back n fourth and does not have anymore fight in him. 

    He does not show any interest in wanting to spend any time with me other than his ride home after he brings me the truck and keys when he is done using it.  He has stood me up twice when I tried to set dates, and he shows no emotions.  My heart is so heavy, and hurt.  This is BOTH of our first marriages, and even though I have been praying and reading my word believing he will come back home, AND I tell him updates of what I am learning AND I told him I am doing the Love Dare, AND I told him I am praying he will come home, he still shows no signs of wanting to stay married.  I feel like giving up.  I feel stupid.  I want to give up, but I don't want to stop the dare until he takes me to court for the divorce because I still have hope, even though ALL the signs say there is no hope.  I WANT to believe there is.

    I am not sure how this is going to work, but Lord Jesus I Love my Husband and want him to come back home and not give up on OUR Marriage...

    Aisha Cunningham

  • Why do you think divorce ends the marriage.  God does not recognize forced divorce & does not allow men to abandon good wives.  The divorce means nothing to God, he does not go by men's corrupt laws & decrees.  Even after a divorce you would still be completely married in God's eyes & you would have the choice to have True Love & wait for your prodical husband to return & repent, for he will have to eventually, in this life or the next.  The question is, are you willing to have such Unconditional True Love?  Are you willing to save your marriage?  For it's impossible for him to walk away & end your marriage in reality.  He will still be your husband but if he leaves.  Are you willing to wait faithfully for him? No matter how long it takes?  I know God hopes at least one spouse will have this kind of love & save the marriage & family.

  • Aisha,

    I replied to your message. Also, I want to add. The divorce is not here yet. So focus on your dares, and start to listen and learn what Christ is trying to do in your life.

  • The reality is that divorce is a real possibility for many marriages.  It is not God's plan and I do believe the faithfulness of one spouse can save the marriage.  You can do this.  God will help you as long as you stay committed to following His leadership in your life.  



    Leslie Holmes

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