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Re: My eyes have been opened

My eyes have been opened

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  • I am now, very close to him. I admit up until a month ago though I wasn't as close as I should have benn

  • Everyday there will be more growth. And experience everything He has to offer, by serving.

  • vey true, and me getting closer to God is showing through to her , we had a great weekend and a 'forgive and forget get back to us' talk :) my goal now is us closer to God as a couple. To help her move deeper with God so she can feel the friend that sticketh closer than a brother also.

  • The movie opened my eyes to, I saw me in it 100%. We have been married 33 years and have had rocky times. The night after I watched to movie (she was sleaping) we had a fight I told her I watch it and what I saw in it. She said I had to change. Picked up the book and am starting today. Good luck and god bless.

  • Ron, Although you may really never forget, never bring up the past. You are now on a journey with Christ. No need for the past.

    Bob, great to hear (or read in this case). Realize that you will now be on a journey with Christ. And I do not know your situation, but usually things will get worse before they get better. What you need to realize is that Christ is going to mold you in this journey. So, you need to learn to listen, be humble and recognize selfishness in the smallest of situations.

  • I agree, all forgiven and as good as forgotten :)

    bob, this is great you have a chance before things get that far, follow the book , make a real change, do all the dares with your heart fully in them. Thank God literally you have this chance at such an early stage. The change I had is what aved us, my wife even said she could see I really chnged and I have. I do not even have any desire to argue or 'be right' and it feel free rather than restrictive like one would think. God bledd!

  • Now you are a testimony to her. And God will work with her for the same growth.

  • and things a finallly back on track, I saw God fix evey issue I asked Him to, one at a time just like a miracle. :)

  • Now most important. Do not forsake Him as life moves on. The seeking you have done, should continue.

  • hey folks,

    just an update....

    during this fall we got very close, she told me she does forgive all the past, (me paying too much attn to my mom I the 90's) we started having 'date nights' and so forth. She still doesn't seem up to reading the bible so still praying she will get back to God.

    I did find out that Dennis guy was more then a friend, no surprise really.

    I know something is bothering her now though as she talks to her best girlfriend only with ' quickly folded, enveloped, sealed and taped' paper letters or from her secret yahoo account. So again, something is bothering her and il be the last to know. It may just be girl talk but I think I'm justifiably paranoid.

    but, I still pray all the time, do the dares and wonder what security feels like.

    Godbless everyone!


  • And wonder what security feels like. <--- That comment concerns me. After all this time, you should know that. Did you quit the dares and recently start back?

    Have you grown in the Lord? Or are you still controlling your life?

  • it's probably just me being paranoid and not trusting God like I should.... We've been getting along great but usually that's when I'd get surprised that she wasn't happy or something. I guess I'm just expecting something and probably seeing things. Every time in the past when I've relaxed, bam something happened.

  • But there is a difference now. You are on a journey with Christ. But I will also tell you. If you are not as serious with your journey as you were, there is a chance for another wake up call.

    And if you are not trusting Christ, you need to grow to that.

  • thanks so much Sean, I've stayed close to God but your right, I haven't been as urgent as I was.

    thanks again, it sure is great how you help all of us so much, :)

  • It is not always being urgent... It is being "right with Him".  If you are not right with Him you cannot be right in other areas in your life.

    He has blessed you before taking the extreme urgency out of your life. Now you must continue to trust Him. In my situation, if I sit here and really think about it, I do not trust my wife completely. But I trust Christ with my life. I trust His will in my life. He is the only one I can trust. Knowing this, I do not dwell on her in that way. Granted our love now is better than our wedding day, but that is only because we trust in Christ. I know without a doubt my happiness and my life is in His hands. As long as I am right with Him, how can anything in my life be wrong?

    And when its not, He loves me unconditionally. I know that I can cast that burden upon Him and I will be forgiven.

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