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08.10.28: Fireproof Continues to Burn



Julie Fairchild

Monique Sondag



The Love Dare Book-Turned-Movement Sweeps Married America

October 28, Nashville, TN - In the fifth week of its theatrical run, FIREPROOF(, made by a church in GA, and marketed and distributed by Provident Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films/Sony Affirm Films, is still #11 at the boxoffice though 22 films have opened wide since its debut. FIREPROOF retains 80 percent of its original screens after five weeks, remarkable by Hollywood standards.

Meanwhile, The Love Dare (, published by B&H Publishing Group, enters its third week atop the NYT Bestseller's List for paperback advice books. Keeping up with high demand, 1 million books will be in print within the week.

"FIREPROOF and The Love Dare's hand-in-hand success confirm a desire for a greatstory that also delivers a meaningful message," said Kris Fuhr, VP of marketing forProvident Films. "People leave the theater filled with hope - for all the relationships in their lives. Given the current cultural climate, this message of hope is clearly a resounding hit with audiences."

To put FIREPROOF's performance in perspective:

• FIREPROOF's cumulative box office through the fifth weekend is $23,617,000

• FIREPROOF lost only 17.1 percent from the previous weekend. Compared toother Top 20 movies in theaters more than one week, week-to-week losses were much higher-from 27 to 57 percent.

• FIREPROOF had the smallest drop among nationwide releases for the third weekin a row (

• FIREPROOF opened at #4 in the nation, although the rest of the films in the top ten had three times as many screens or more.

• While many films drop the number of screens significantly each week, FIREPROOF has held at near 900 screens since opening.

• FIREPROOF expanded to 85 new screens this week.

• FIREPROOF finished sixth in per-theater average among the top 15 movies with $2,380.

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