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08.10.15: The Love Dare Jumps to #1


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Samuel Goldwyn's FIREPROOF Continues To Soar, In The Box Office Top 10For Third Straight Week

NASHVILLE, TN - Oct. 15, 2008: The Love Dare (, aplot device in the box office hit FIREPROOF ( until earlyaudiences repeatedly requested copies for themselves, just hit #1 on the New YorkTimes Paperback Advice Bestsellers. Written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick (thewriters/director of FIREPROOF, respectively), The Love Dare is #4 on Amazon.comand, currently in its seventh printing. When Stephen and Alex Kendrick wrote thescript for FIREPROOF, they knew that eventually they would expand the six days ofThe Love Dare seen in the film into a full book covering all 40 days. They envisioned a leather bound edition that would be handed down from couple tocouple. After engaging B&H Publishing Group, they set a January 2009 release date.

As soon as Provident Films - responsible for the faith based grassroots andmarketing of FIREPROOF - began screening the film in March, the audience wanted the book as soon as they saw the film. They wanted to carry the inspiration of thefilm home from the theater. The team continued to press for a release tied to the film's opening. The Kendrick brothers were consumed with post-production of thefilm and it didn't seem likely they could complete the manuscript in time.

After 7000 pastors stood up at the Southern Baptist Convention and said we need this book now, the book was fast tracked into a trade edition that would be readyfor the film's release. After shutting out the world for several weeks to completethe manuscript and relying on their wives for feedback, the filmmakers-turnedauthorssqueaked under the deadline. The original leather bound vision will becomea reality when a Legacy Edition of The Love Dare is released in January 2009.

In the meantime, the trade edition is on its seventh printing and #1 on the NEWYORK TIMES paperback advice list.

"To see FIREPROOF is to want the book, The Love Dare," said John Thompson, marketing vice president for B&H Publishing Group. "At the same time, for readers, this powerful little book stands alone in opening new understanding-and newrelationships."

Having reached the top 10 for the third straight week, Samuel Goldwyn Films' FIREPROOF starring Kirk Cameron and filmed in Albany, GA with an all-volunteer cast, has already grossed north of $17.5 million.

On both FACING THE GIANTS and FIREPROOF, Goldwyn, Provident and SonyPictures Home Entertainment's Affirm Films unit worked together to devise andexecute a marketing strategy to blend traditional theatrical marketing with an aggressive grass roots and faith based outreach. Provident held screenings across the country and provided resources and materials for pastors and churches tospread the word about the film. Through its vast network, Provident created opportunities for them to bring the film to their respective areas and generate excitement within their communities.

Communities across the U.S. are using the film as a tool to support local firefighters, police, and other first responders' groups with divorce rates up to 90 percent. As churches, individuals, and groups send first responders and their spouses for a night at the movies, volunteer babysitting brigades are freeing up couples to go. Parents are buying tickets for their married children. Churches are buying for members and using the movie to kick off marriage courses. Thousands ofc ouples are on day one, day four, day ten and day twelve of The Love Dare's 40 day journey of unconditional love.

The Kendrick brothers and Sherwood Baptist Church have received hundreds of emails and letters from people all over the country who feel new life has been breathed into their failing marriages through FIREPROOF and The Love Dare, whileothers say it's a wonderful reminder, and an exercise that electrifies the most important relationship in their lives.

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